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We understand that buying your first home can be both exciting yet daunting.

My "First Home Buyer" Coaching masterclass is designed specifically for this purpose: to help good people learn expert advice so they can make that leap sooner rather than later!

So, we start by examining your specific situation to determine where you've come from, and then we tailor your training to fit.

I cut through the jargon and complexity to lay out a path with step-by-step guidance to get you started.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Setting a Strategy..

    First, we take you on a journey to examine your current and future goals. To make the best long-term decision, it is always worth considering where you are now as well as where you want to go. We discuss the types of family homes you would like to have in the future. Will you be purchasing with someone else? What are the short and long-term financial implications of buying and selling a home as your circumstances change? And more...

  2. Finances..

    We will take a deeper dive into your credit history, your ability to repay a loan, your deposit options, and the best types of loans for you and more..

  3. Lender Information..

    Discover what information the lender wants to see from an applicant. We go through all the key points, break them down and simplify each one so you best comply with their requirements.

  4. Expected Costs..

    Purchasing a home has more costs that people may expect. There are costs AFTER the property is purchased that must be understood. Each cost is detailed for you to examine to ensure you have covered all of your bases. Nobody likes surprises, especially when the cost is unknown!

  5. Choosing a Property..

    Here we identify the most important characteristics of your desired property, such as distance from the station, a specific suburb or area, number of bedrooms, number of living rooms, sunlight, layout, garage or carport, price, peaceful streets, and more. We also study the various types of properties on the market. We consider the pros and cons of houses, duplexes, units, and villas, as well as your desired short and long term property goals. There is too much value given to detail here :)

  6. Purchasing Process..

    The Purchasing Process steps you through the key phases of buying through the agent. We teach you about looking for and inspecting properties, making an offer, organising the legalities (solicitor / conveyancer), and negotiating contracts and making deposits.

  7.  Auction Tips

    We have a dedicated module to coach you on the ins and outs of the auction process. An auction is often a daunting process for first time bidders and we coach you through the whole process to become an auction pro!

    And Much Much More - You receive over $1000 worth of value 

Just remember, buying a home is one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make.

Let’s get it right.


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