Managing the

Risks of Investment Property

Learn How to Reduce Risk and Manage

Financial and Emotional Costs If Something Goes Wrong.

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No one embarks out thinking of all the problems they may come against with their investment properties.
Expert investors understand that taking risks and making money go hand in hand; it's an art of balancing the two. These dangers can be minimized if you can recognise and understand them.

The "Managing the Risks of Investment Property" Masterclass covers a range of challenges and highlights that property investors come up against. 

If you want to minimise those risks to enjoy managing your hard won investments, this course is essential

What You’ll Learn

  1. Setting a Strategy - What Can Go Wrong?

    First, we take you on a journey to examine your current and future goals. To make the best long-term decision, it is always worth considering where you are now as well as where you want to go. Things go wrong, and I step you through the long and short term impacts.  

  2. Proper Maintenance (Without Overcapitalising)..

    Maximise the return on your important investment with wise maintenance. Keep an eye out for small problems and repair them before they become huge ones. Reliability and durability are maintained by keeping up any necessary maintenance efforts. Also, we cover the issue of overcapitalising your property and throwing away good money. 

  3. Building Insurance..

    We will dive into your current Building Insurance cover and see if you really have what it takes to recover from a disaster. Many times, we are surprised with insufficient cover and when people find out the hard way...

  4. Landlord Insurance..

    It always surprises me how little people know about Landlords Insurance. I will go over this essential insurance to highlight its importance as one of the arrows in successful risk mitigation.

  5. Picking the Right Tenants..

    Finding a the right tenant for your rental property makes or breaks your investment's success. I will give you heaps of tips I learnt over the years how to increase your "A Grade" tenant hit rate.

  6. Vacancy Risks..

    There may be times when the property is empty. Vacancies are an inevitable part of the real estate lifecycle. However, the vacancy risk is mainly about longer vacancies, in which the property is vacant for extended periods of time. This section we cover reality checks and detail what to do when the property becomes vacant for longer than we want.

  7. What To Do When The Tenant Goes Bad..

    Tenants can go bad!  I have personally experienced the fallout from a range of issues. Each time we have come though thanks to our careful risk mitigation strategies. In this section, we will do a deeper dive on the forms of damage that may occur to investment properties and the quickest way out.

  8.  Interest Rate Risks

    Interest rate fluctuations must be considered as part of risk management. If you are not prepared to weather interest rate storms, you will suffer financial consequences. I will assess your existing circumstances and advise you on any required changes to your capacity to repay important debts.

    And Much Much More - You receive $1000's worth of value in expert advice 

An investment property is one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make.

Let’s get it right.


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