$440.00 AUD

Renovate, Detonate or Move Coaching

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 Your Program Includes:

✅  Value packed initial fact finding session

✅  Clarity on costs and budget: Guidance can help you understand the financial implications of both renovation and detonation. Or maybe you have outgrown your own home and want to upsize.

  Understanding of potential value increase: I provide insight into how renovations or rebuilding might impact the value of your home.

  Advice on timeline and project duration: Receive realistic expectations timelines for both renovation or reconstruction projects

  Consideration of preferences and lifestyle needs: We look into factors such as aesthetics, functionality, and comfort to make a decision that aligns with your needs and preferences.

  Also, access to expert guidance from personally buying and selling over 40 properties

Plus Even More Value

Regular Check-in with Christina.

Bonus #
Money Back Guarantee!