Coaching Packages

Choose one of the coaching packages below, or create your own custom solution.

First Home Buyer

Tap into Christina's experience to guide you through the entire process of purchasing your first home.

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Getting Out Of 
The Rental Rat Race

Stop Dreaming.
Design Your Path From Renter To Homeowner As Soon As Possible.

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Positive Cashflow
With Vendor Finance

Learn About Vendor Finance, Rent-to-Own, and Other Strategies To Grow Positive Cash Flow Investments.

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First Time Investor

Remove The Uncertainty, Navigate The Steps To Getting Your First Investment Property

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Multi-Property Investor

Want to Buy Another Property?

Learn How to Grow and Carefully Manage a Property Portfolio

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Renovate, Detonate Or Move

Most Property Decisions Cost Thousands Of Dollars!
Utilise Experience And Guidance To Wisely Make Each Decision.

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Managing the Risks of Investment Property

Learn How to Reduce Risk and Manage Financial and Emotional Costs If Something Goes Wrong.

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