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Managing the Risk Of Owning An Investment Property

One of the finest ways to build wealth is through property investment. 
However, just like any other investment, buying property and growing a portfolio carries a degree of risk which must be carefully managed.

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Property Auction Checklist

If you win a property at auction, you have to buy it. That's why it's so important to follow our auction buying checklist and be ready on the day.

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6 Core Street-Smarts to Buying Investment Properties

Learn 6 core street-smarts investors know to wisely buy investment properties

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7 Essential Street-Smarts to Owning Your Own Home

7 key street-smarts to accelerate the process of buying your own home

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6 Renovation Lessons I Learnt

Preparation is key to successfully renovating your home on a budget while maintaining a high level of quality.

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How to Negotiate with Real Estate Agents

Learn key strategies to give you an advantage when buying property

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Unpacking the 5 C's of Credit

Understand what lenders evaluate when approving loans

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